December 13, 2022, 10:15AM EST
• 9 min read

2022 Rollup Usage and Alternative Scaling Solutions

Quick Take

  • This is a section from The Block Research’s soon-to-be-published 2023 Digital Assets Outlook report
  • The outlook for rollup usage appears positive, as rollups are set to capitalize on the improved scalability that comes with Ethereum data shards
  • The gas usage of rollup has been increasing in 2022 despite the ongoing bear market, which indicates growing adoption amidst the bearish outlook on the crypto markets
  • Data availability solutions such as Validiums and Celestia are seeing increased interest from the crypto community and will likely play a key role in scaling blockchains
  • Shard chains ecosystems of today have tapered off in activity, a result of the bearish sentiment as well as some shard-specific events, such as the Harmony Horizon bridge hack

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