April 14, 2022, 11:58AM EDT
• 16 min read

Arweave: A Technical Overview

Quick Take

  • Arweave is a decentralized data storage protocol that is content-agnostic and designed to provide scalable and permanent on-chain storage in a sustainable manner.
  • The blockweave data structure and Proof-of-Access consensus mechanism form the foundations of the Arweave network’s data layer.
  • Mechanisms like blockshadows, wildfire and storage endowment keep the network fast, responsive and sustainable.
  • The permaweb is a decentralized web interface for hosting both traditional and decentralized applications on top of the Arweave network.
  • Arweave has experienced massive growth recently, driven by the deployment of SmartWeave decentralized applications and the need for censorship resistance.

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