April 29, 2019, 3:46PM EDT
• 4 min read

Across different exchanges, bitcoin converges to three distinct price levels depending on the relationship to Bitfinex and Tether

Quick Take

  • Shortly after the news about the lawsuit of Bitfinex, bitcoin’s price had decreased by 8% and seems to converge into three distinct groups
  • The Tether premium at the time of publication is 2.3% while the Bitfinex premium is much higher at 5.7%
  • Nearly $185 million in bitcoin and ether was withdrawn from Bitfinex’s cold wallets
  • Analysis of ETH outflows from Bitfinex shows that the net outflow was, by far, the highest on the day following the lawsuit but has since stabilized
  • While the panic seems to have calmed, there will be an immense amount of pressure on Bitfinex and Tether in the coming weeks

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