January 12, 2023, 9:39AM EST
• 7 min read

Danksharding and EIP-4844

Quick Take

  • Danksharding is Ethereum’s approach to sharding in accordance with its rollup-centric roadmap and will reduce rollup fees by an order of magnitude.
  • There will be a new fee market with one block proposer responsible for transactions and data that go into a slot while proposer and builder roles will be separated.
  • Due to the technical complexity of danksharding, an interim solution in EIP-4844 or proto-danksharding will be implemented beforehand.
  • Proto-danksharding implements most of the logic required for danksharding but does not implement any actual sharding.
  • Proto-danksharding introduces blobs and a new transaction type called blob-carrying transactions.

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