November 16, 2022, 11:26AM EST
• 17 min read

Flashbots Company Intelligence

Quick Take

  • Flashbots was established in 2020 to democratize access to MEV revenue, bring transparency to MEV activity and redistribute MEV revenue
  • Flashbots currently has three product verticals: (1) Flashbots Auction (2) Flashbots Protect RPC and (3) Flashbots Data – in PoS Ethereum, the Flashbots Auction is built on MEV-Boost, an implementation of proposer-builder separation for Ethereum
  • With 64.3% total block market share and 76.3% MEV-Boosted block market share (last 14 days based on, Flashbots is a clear winner among the MEV-Boost relayers
  • Flashbots’ decision regarding Tornado Cash transactions has drawn criticism within the Ethereum community – Flashbot’s dominance of the MEV and block production market could threaten Ethereum’s base layer neutrality by enabling censorship on the blockchain
  • In October 2022, Flashbots announced an upgrade called SUAVE (Single Unifying Auctions for Value Expression) to address censorship resistance and decentralization concerns

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