April 1, 2021, 9:38AM EDT
• 6 min read

March by the numbers: A look at crypto exchange volumes, open interest, and miner revenue

Quick Take

  • Several metrics recorded record numbers in March. In all cases, spot and derivatives volume for Q1 2021 surpassed the total 2020 volume. 
  • Total adjusted on-chain volume saw a slight decline of 2.2% to $577.2 billion in March.
  • Adjusted on-chain volume of stablecoins plateaued at an all-time high of $384.3 billion in March.
  • Centralized exchange spot trading volumes decreased by 7.8% to $1.06 trillion in March.
  • Besides Binance, FTX was one of the only major exchanges to increase its spot market share in March.

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