January 26, 2023, 12:59PM EST
• 5 min read

Rollups as a Service

Quick Take

  • As blockchains become increasingly modular, it has become clear that not all chains will have their own consensus layer, resulting in more focus on developing rollups
  • There are a handful of Rollups as a service solution, though most of them have yet to deploy their mainnets
  • Altlayer offers an elastic flash layer solution, where a layer is created to meet temporary demand and can be disposed of later on
  • Atlas offers a zkEVM rollup deployment service, so developers can leverage the scaling potential of validity proofs while leveraging most of Ethereum’s tooling
  • Constellation Network offers deployment of state channels on top of its Layer 0, Hypergraph, which facilitates cross-chain interactions and serves as the settlement and consensus layer

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