September 23, 2022, 1:40PM EDT
• 5 min read

State of Scaling Issue 6: Rollups Post-Merge and Arbitrum Exploits

Quick Take

  • In this bi-weekly series, we look into some of the most interesting data and developments across the Layer 2 blockchain landscape, from DeFi and bridges to network activity and funding.
  • The impacts of the Ethereum Merge have played out across bridges and lending protocols across the board, affecting Layer 2s and alt Layer 1s.
  • GMX on Arbitrum has seen a significant exploit recently, owing to market manipulation on AVAX perpetuals.
  • Arbitrum Nitro upgrade had resulted in a critical vulnerability that has since been patched, but not before a white hat hacker pointed it out and received 400 Ether as a bug bounty.

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